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2013-04-21 20.52.08 Cinematography award“Calling” received the “Indie Soul Best Cinematography Award” from Boston International Film Festival 2013!

Although the film screening became uncertain due to the Incident in Boston, the film was able to be screened in the theater the day after the capture news.  There was a Q&A session after the screening, and we were able to talk with audience in the theater, and we received great comments!  We were touched by the fact that the story of a young Japanese generation reached to the American audiences.

This was the first screening outside of Japan, and it was the first award in the United States.

We are planning to submit more films to international festivals as well.  And we thank all the people who supported us, and please keep in touch!2013-04-21 20.52.08 Cinematography award

ボストン国際映画祭にて、『Calling』がBest Cinematography Award(撮影賞)をいただきました!全2600作品から選出された入選作の中から選ばれたので、とても光栄に感じます!