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Hello, this is Rico

There was an interesting quote from a comic that I read.


STEEL BALL RUN” is the comic written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki, know for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.  This is a fiction about a North American cross continental race in the U.S at 1890.  The prize for the winner was 50 million dollars, and competitors run from San Diego to New York City using their unique abilities.  It is also a drama about coming of age.

Within this drama, a reporter asked a question to the promoter of this historic race,

How will you take the responsibility when this race failed?

Although it was a common question, the answer stuck in my heart.

Failure is… The true failure is people who forget the frontier spirit, and being in a place without challenges.  There is no failure in this race, only the adventurers exist. 

As a leader of Tokyo New Cinema, I always face “risk” by running the organization.  There are a lot of stuffs and sponsors involved as a film organization.  Although I try my best keeping the risk low, there are failures after challenging something new.  As a leader, I always ask myself the responsibility and often wonders how easy to stop challenging.

However, I believe not taking risk is the biggest failure in this world.

I have failed many times before, but I don’t think I considered them as failures.  More likely, I am proud of failures after all the challenges.  And I want to keep challenging without being shamed about failures as an adventurer.

After reading “STEEL BALL RUN,”  these thought came across my mind.

Tokyo New Cinema President Rico Hikaru Kinouchi.


The main actor of “Calling,” Takashi Fujimura was introduced by a famous doctor, Dr. Takagi as a handsome boy!

Indeed Takashi Fujimura is handsome, he is a guy with gentleness and talents.  He is a successful PR member and an actor of “Plastic Love Story.”  Also, “Calling” featuring him as the main actor, will be distributed in Japan a month from now.  The film received the best cinematography award in Boston, and was selected in New York City Independent Film Festival.  The enthusiastic acting of Takashi Fujimura fascinates me.




そのマンガとは、荒木飛呂彦の「STEEL BALL RUN」。時代は1890年のアメリカ、馬を使った史上初となる北アメリカ横断レースを荒木氏の不思議な雰囲気で綴ったフィクション。このレースの優勝者には50億円の賞金が約束され、6,000kmという過酷な距離を様々なバックグランドを持つ冒険者が各々の能力を駆使して勝利を競う活劇で、「青春から大人へ」歩き出す道のりを描いたドラマ。




失敗というのは… 真の失敗とは開拓の心を忘れ、困難に挑戦する事に無縁のところにいるものたちの事をいうのだ。このレースに失敗なんか存在しない。存在するのは冒険者だけだ。

私も Tokyo New Cinema という団体を運営するに至って「失敗」のリスクを常に感じています。映画団体という事で携わるスタッフや協力者も多く、リスクを最小限に抑えるように行動を心掛けていますが、新しい事に挑戦するには大小なりの失敗がつき物です。団体の責任者として、どう責任を取るべきか常に自問自答し、時には新しいことに挑戦するのを辞めて安定してしまいたい気持ちを持つこともあります。



STEEL BALL RUN」を読み、改めてそう胸に思いを馳せました。

Tokyo New Cinema 会長 木ノ内輝



藤村駿さんはイケメンですが、優しさと才能を兼ね備えた方でもあります。新作の『Plastic Love Story』では俳優兼広報としても大活躍中です。そんな彼の主演作であり、ボストンで入賞し、ニューヨークでの上映も決まった『Calling』はちょうど来月の9月27日に発売が開始されます。実際の姿は日によって劇場やTokyo New Cinemaのイベントでもご確認出来ますが、是非とも[俳優]藤村駿の姿をDVDやスクリーン越しに観ていただきたいと存じます。私は彼の体をはった演技が好きです。