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Hi, I’m Rico, the president of Tokyo New Cinema will be writing this post:

There was a miniature shooting with Director Trimpop from Boston University last week.

Director Trimpop is one of the most famous young directors from Germany, who has screened at numerous film festivals in the world including the Berlin International Film Festival.  He is teaching universities in Boston, and shooting a documentary in Japan now.

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These miniatures are from the same company who helped create the “Ultraman” and the “Pacific Rim,” and being involved in these miniatures was like my childhood dream came true as a giant superhero.

Moreover, the director came to watch shooting scenes of Tokyo New Cinema and praised us for “having young and enthusiastic members and actors with a good atmosphere.” As Tokyo New Cinema has been recognized internationally, I would like to thank everyone who has helped establishing us.

Tokyo New Cinema has showed me dreams that I have more than imagined.  As a little childhood dream came true by being involved in the miniature shooting last week, I wish that Tokyo New Cinema would become an organization that help accomplish dreams of people someday.


-Hikaru Kinouchiこんにちは、制作代表の木ノ内です。



2013-08-04 09.20.26


また Tokyo New Cinema 新作の撮影現場も見学して頂き、 Tokyo New Cinema を「若く熱心なスタッフと俳優に囲まれ、明るい雰囲気の撮影現場で素晴らしかった。私も参加したい。」と熱心に評価されました。日本で始まった Tokyo New Cinema という団体が世界の現場で評価された事を嬉しく感じます。

Tokyo New Cinema は私がいままで思い描いた以上の物を見せてくれます。今回の縁で私の小さな夢が叶ったように、私も Tokyo New Cinema が仲間と共に夢を叶える団体になるよう目指したいと思います。