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This is the President of Tokyo New Cinema, Rico.  Before my introduction, please allow me to share a great news with everyone!

The 5th Film of Tokyo New Cinema “Calling” was accepted into the 2013 New York City Independent Film Festival!  The film will be screened by a theater in Times Square on the coming October!

New York City Independent Film Festival was made in 2010, which is new compared to most of the film festivals.  This festival has been gaining recognitions from film organization especially the screening in Times Square.

 NYC indie

This has become the 2nd acceptance of “Calling” in the United States after the screening and the award in Boston.  Tokyo New Cinema has been recognized in the world!

Tokyo New Cinema has been growing rapidly from the supports from all the audiences.  I cannot express my happiness enough that the efforts and talents of the Director Nakagawa, film stuff, actors, and the artistic sensitivity of young generation has made results.

Thinking about the past, the first time that I met the young Ryutaro Nakagawa was when I return to the Japan during my academic pursue in the U.S.  Our art and literature interaction started after my brother introduce Ryutaro in Tokyo before he started filming.  The encounter with him must be scheduled by the destiny.

When his collection of poems was published in Japan, we celebrated together that his talent was recognized.  Although I pursued my art in a college in the U.S., I questioned the academic art and was exhausted by the self-satisfaction of professors and students.  Thus I either burned or sold most of my art, and donated everything I earned from the auction to a kindergarten to finish my art.

After graduating the college, I worked tirelessly in an institute in Boston to pursue medical regeneration researches.  I was proud about the contribution to the society and the medical research for the future, and I made some results as a young researcher.  However, I felt a type of frustration.  Apparently, I still had the artistic passion.

Director Nakagawa and my friends of Tokyo New Cinema saved me.  The future has been opened by the artistic pursue together with friends.  I returned to Japan after the successful screening of the “Calling” in Boston, and I was given a responsible position in Tokyo New Cinema.  The second acceptance of the “Calling” in the U.S. might be indicating the future of Tokyo New Cinema and Japanese young generation.

Tokyo New Cinema is an organization of young and free, and every member are shinning from their characters and talents.  Tokyo New Cinema will deliver strong messages to discouraged young generation.  Because art will change people, and people change the generation.

I will appreciate if you could share this happy news with your friends.  Thank you for the continuous supports and cheers.  Again, thank you!

-Rico Hikaru Kinouchi初めまして、Tokyo New Cinema 会長の木ノ内輝(きのうちひかる)です。自己紹介の前に皆様に嬉しいニュースがあります。

Tokyo New Cinema 第5作『Calling』がニューヨーク・シティ・インディペンデント映画祭に入選しました!そして今年の10月にタイムズ・スクエアの劇場にて上映される事が決定致しました!

ニューヨーク・シティ・インディペンデント映画祭(New York City Independent Film Festival)は2010年に出来た比較的新しい映画祭で、タイムズ・スクエアでの上映もあり映画関係者にとって話題になっている映画祭です。

 NYC indie

ボストンでの上映と入賞に続き『Calling』はこれでアメリカでの入選が二度目となりました。着実に日本の若手映画団体 Tokyo New Cinema が評価されているのだと思います。

Tokyo New Cinema は観客の皆様に支えられながら成長してきました。監督の中川やスタッフ・俳優陣の才能と努力、日本の若者が持つ感性が世界に通用したのだと嬉しく感じます。




しかし、中川龍太郎監督とTokyo New Cinema の仲間達がそんな私を救ってくれました。仲間と共に協力しあう芸術活動によって新しい未来が開けましたのです。ボストンでの『Calling』上映が成功し私は日本に帰国し、責任のある立場を任せられました。そして『Calling』がアメリカで二度目の入選を果たした事は、これからTokyo New Cinemaと日本の若者が進むべき道を暗示しているのかもしれません。

Tokyo New Cinema は自由な若者の団体です。そして皆、輝いています。Tokyo New Cinema の作品は挫けそうになる若者に強く生きるメッセージを届けます。芸術で人は変わり、そして人で時代は変わります。